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Privacy Policy

We believe creators should be able to submit under a pseudonym. To this end, we don’t insist that your legal name be attached to submissions or cover letters if you happen to create under a pen name. (After all, sending out hundreds of submissions over the years with one’s legal name attached to them eventually defeats the purpose.)

If we accept your work, we’ll ask what country you’re in for our own demographic purposes, but we don’t need to know your street address or phone number. Email and PayPal make that information superfluous in this day and age, at least for our purposes. Because contracts can be signed with pseudonyms, we’re happy to know you only through your byline if you so choose.

Rest assured that, in cases where we know both a contributor’s legal name and pseudonym, we will never reveal that information to anyone, publicly or privately.

If someone queries us for your contact information, we’ll forward their message to you so you can decide on the best course (and we’ll tell them we have done so). We will never provide your contact info to anyone, even your email address—yes, even if it’s already posted on your website—unless you ask us to. We also do our best to remember to use “BCC” when emailing more than one contributor at a time.

We remove authors’ contact information from manuscripts before sending them to commissioned artists.

And of course, we will never, ever sell your contact information to any other party.



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