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Issue 3 Table of Contents

lackington's cover_sigHere’s the full Table of Contents for Issue 3, due out August 18. This issue takes on the quest tradition with six immaculate tales. The quests here are personal rather than archetypal — though they play hard with familiar archetypes, and not always nicely. The old quests maintain a hold on literature, imagination, culture, and even morality, and they can be as problematic as they can be charming according to our Issue 3 authors, who criticize as well as celebrate the tropes, or show us how harrowing the search can be. Their combined work makes for a different kind of picaresque.

A Quest for Fire, by Alexandra Seidel
(artwork by Paula Arwen Friedlander)

In Winter, by Sonya Taaffe
(artwork by Gregory St. John)

Not Her Garden, by Yukimi Ogawa
(artwork by Sebyth)

For Your Optimal Hookboarding Experience, by Bogi Takács
(artwork by Derek Newman-Stille)

When It Comes, Words Fail, by Hayden Trenholm
(artwork by Carrion House)

Folded House, by Jenny Terpsichore Abeles
(artwork by Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein)

Cover art will be drawn by Stacy Nguyen.



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