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Issue 18 (Magics)

Issue 18 (Fall 2018) is our long-overdue collection about “Magics” of all kinds. Some types of magic are just as the legend would have it: spells woven out of flotsam or nothing at all, designed to change the face of the world—to remove its cruelty or amplify its affection. Other types are more subtle (whether cast by a witch or no), and still others are found in collective memory alone or those most human magics of all: myth and religion.

Issue 18 cover final

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Table of Contents


When the Vine Came, by S.R. Mandel

Prima Fuit, Finis Erit, by Julia August

The Wytch-Byrd of the Nabryd-Keind, by Farah Rose Smith

Collar for Captain Cormorant, by Rekha Valliappan

Song of the Oliphant, by KT Bryski

Love Letters from Velveteen, by M. Raoulee


Carol Wellart (cover art) is a Czech artist and painter creating predominantly wildlife themes, nature studies, and literary characters. She’s mostly inspired by the curious shapes and materials from nature, but literature is still the main source. Painting and drawing were always the most important things for her, and visiting the local art school helped her understand new techniques and the “science” of the colour mediums. Carol is the award-winning artist of the Best Book Cover in 2015 in Czechia. Her work has been published in magazines such as Spirituality & Health, International Wolf, and Orion.

Many thanks to the talented artists who drew interior art for this issue: Grace P. Fong, Sharon J. Gochenour, Derek Newman-Stille, Pear Nuallak,  Kat Weaver, and P. Emerson Williams.

ISSN: 2292-5775

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