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Issue 5 (Beldams)

Issue 5 (Winter 2015) is our “Beldams” issue, which takes apart this harsh old word and reassembles it into a collection about mature women, nonconformity, and inner witches. It plays with collective stereotypes as well as discrete individuals — crones are featured here, as well as beautiful princesses, belles dames sans merci, and even dames with bells.

Issue 5 cover

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Table of Contents


Unravelling, by Julia August

After the Rain, by Polenth Blake

The Lion and the Unicorn, by A.C. Wise

Tiger Baby, by JY Yang

What the Highway Prefers, by Cassandra Khaw

The Ogre’s Brown-Eyed Daughter, by Barry King


Derek Newman-Stille (cover illustration) is completing his PhD in Canadian Studies at Trent University. Derek also runs the Aurora Award-winning review and author interview site, Speculating Canada. Derek has done artwork for Postscripts to Darkness and previous issues of Lackington’s.

Many thanks to the talented artists who drew interior art for this issue: Likhain, Stacy Nguyen, Paula Arwen Owen, Gregory St. John, Richard Wagner, and Kat Weaver.

Thanks also to our donors, who helped pay for the words and art found here: Anonymous and Geoff Gander.

ISSN: 2292-5775

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