speculative prose


We are on hiatus
We have no plans to re-open for submissions at this time

Between fall 2013 and spring 2022, Lackington’s published fantasy, science fiction, and weird tales from authors around the world. We traded in less conventional prose and structures, for the most part, and saw our authors and artists rewarded with nominations, awards, translations, and reprints. Thank you to everyone who submitted, subscribed, supported, reviewed, and read Lackington’s over the years.

We may return one day but, in the meantime, our back issues remain available for sale in PDF, epub, and mobi formats. You can explore our issues by theme in the left-hand column. Each issue is also available to read online at no cost (our namesake, James Lackington, would approve).

You can contact us at lackingtonsmagazine at gmail dot com. 

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