speculative prose

Issue 8 (Dreamings)

The stories in Issue 8 (Fall 2015) interrogate “Dreamings,” those products of imagination, subconscious, or narcotics that bring relief, ecstasy, or portents while cutting through the illogic of waking life.

Issue 8 cover

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Table of Contents


The Spider Tapestries, by Mike Allen

Gallery, by Mathew Scaletta

Song of the Krakenmaid, by JY Yang

I Am Winter, by Robin Wyatt Dunn

Pillow-Talk of the Late Oneirocalypse, by Vajra Chandrasekera


Gregory St. John (cover illustration) is an artist and fiction writer living in Gainesville, Florida. If he is not painting or sculpting, tending to his gardens and chickens, studying history and science, reading while walking his four dogs, cooking, or building something, he is hard at work at the family perfume business, Solstice Scents. He is currently drafting his first novel and editing a collection of his short stories titled The Short and Curlies, featuring “The Presence of Hell,” “Servant of Stone,” “A Helping Hand,” and “The Dare.” 

Many thanks to the talented artists who drew interior art for this issue: Carrion House, Likhain, Luna Lynch, P. Emerson Williams, and Richard Wagner.

ISSN: 2292-5775

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