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Issue 25 (Prehistories)

We’re indulging our obsession and going “Prehistories” for our very final issue (for now). Issue 25 (Spring 2022) features neolithic humans surging towards modernity, and stories about us moderns reflecting on the past—that of our own world, of sinister faerie realms, and of far-flung goldilocks planets. And yes, you’ll find the promised megafauna and archeologists herein.

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Table of Contents


Before Hand Meant Hand, by Nathan Alling Long

Eat the World, by R.K. Duncan

The Ercildoun Accord, by Steve Toase

The Surface of Water, by Alexandra Munck

An Atlas of Wandering Bones, by Kaitlin Tremblay

In the Stillness of Bone and Sea, by KT Bryski

Something Monstrous Lives in the Oceans, by Alexandra Seidel

The Scribe’s Lament, by Bindia Persaud

Homage to Stone, by Thomas Canfield


Cover art: Paula Arwen Owen is an artist who works in hand-cut paper silhouettes and collage, using the contrast of darkness and light, of dreams and reality to create compelling illustrations. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Mythic Delirium and Strange Horizons, and on book covers by authors including Cherie Priest and Catherynne M. Valente. She lives at the edge of an enchanted forest in the Catskill Mountains with her husband and a variety of creatures domestic, wild, and mythical. Paula’s unique cut-paper greeting cards, artwork, and decals are available at her Etsy shop and in retail stores.

Many thanks to the talented artists who drew interior art for this issue: Carrion House, Michelle MX, Richard Wagner, Kat Weaver, and P. Emerson Williams.

ISSN: 2292-5775

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