speculative prose

Issue 11 (Possessions)

Our “Possessions” issue (Summer 2016) plays with more than one meaning of the term. Read stories about ownerships and their elaborations of control and greed, and read stories about invasions, too, when our own self becomes inhabited by another.

Issue 11 cover

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Table of Contents


How I Came to Be Raised by Balniwan the Fool, by Adrian Simmons

Ought from Is, by Brittany Pladek

The First of Frost, by H.L. Fullerton

The Sapphire Fiend, by Devan Barlow

Invasion, by Erik Amundsen

Ever Changing, Ever Turning, by Yukimi Ogawa


P. Emerson Williams (cover illustration) is an artist, musician, actor, and writer who works on a creative continuum that draws upon an interest in the arcane and esoteric. His passion is for embodying the mythic in visual media and melding visual art with narrative form. He has collaborated with writers James Curcio, Nathan Neuharth, and illustrated Bedlam Stories: The Battle of Oz and Wonderland Begins, the first novel in Pearry Teo’s series. As a musician he has worked with SLEEP CHAMBER, Jarboe, Manes, and kkoagulaa among many others.

Many thanks to the talented artists who drew interior art for this issue: Soren James, Likhain, Pear Nuallak, Gregory St. John, Cesar Valtierra, and Kat Weaver.

ISSN: 2292-5775

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