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Issue 24 (Botanicals)

Plants and speculative fiction have always gone hand in hand. From healers to invasive species to the literal grotesque, botanical beings in fiction refuse to be ignored. We’ve dedicated Issue 24 (Fall 2021) to our fabulous and sometimes fearsome botanical cousins. These growths range from the mundane to the miraculous, but whatever their origin and purpose, their influence is entire.

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Table of Contents


Dr. Ormeau’s Botanical Menagerie, by Morgan L. Ventura

I, Mandragora, by Phoenix Alexander

My Face to the Sun, by Kelly E. Dwyer

In Which Mushrooms Carry History Through a Door Between Worlds, by Sharon J. Gochenour

Ten Poisons That Cannot Kill the Queen, by Marie Croke & Anna Madden

Tree Heart, by Beatriz Becker

The Mysterious Theft of St. Aureline’s Arboreal Collection, by Haralambi Markov

Que la grenade est touchante, by Cécile Cristofari


Cover art: Sharon J. Gochenour is a writer, illustrator, researcher, and retail employee. They think a lot about cheese and gardens.

Many thanks to the talented artists who drew interior art for this issue: Carrion House, Michelle Modestino, Marlo Musa, Hannah Seakins, Richard Wagner, Kat Weaver, and P. Emerson Williams.

ISSN: 2292-5775

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