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Issue 5 Table of Contents

Issue 5 cover detailHere’s the full table of contents for Issue 5, which launches January 28. This is our “Beldams” issue, with stories that complicate and reclaim that old pejorative. Our Issue 5 authors write about hags and witches and spinsters and obstreperous older women in a friendlier, more fruitful light. They have also thoroughly parsed the word “beldam” in order to discuss the utility of women (beautiful or otherwise), to undermine the problematic “belle dame sans merci” archetype, and even to feature a dame with bells, to our monumental delight. We’re excited to share.

Unravelling, by Julia August
(artwork by Paula Arwen Owen)

After the Rain, by Polenth Blake
(artwork by Kat Weaver)

The Lion and the Unicorn, by A.C. Wise
(artwork by Gregory St. John)

Tiger Baby, by JY Yang
(artwork by Likhain)

What the Highway Prefers, by Cassandra Khaw
(artwork by Stacy Nguyen)

The Ogre’s Brown-Eyed Daughter, by Barry King
(artwork by Richard Wagner)

Cover art will be drawn by Derek Newman-Stille.



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