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Issue 6 Table of Contents

lackingtons_cover_tomaszwieja_loresHere’s the full table of contents for Issue 6, which launches on March 24. Our “Seas” collection features stories set on (or in) the vast deep, but not all great expanses are wet. Some, like language, can engulf or drown us, just as water can. To this end, we’re pleased to present a fragment from Michael Cisco’s unpublished ur-novel, UNLANGUAGE, in this issue (a fragment that includes a beach scene, because sometimes life just works out that beautifully).

The Whale of Penlan Tork, by Steven Earnshaw
(artwork by Cherry Valance)

Spider Moves the World, by Dominik Parisien
(artwork by Galen Dara)

The Selkie, by David K. Yeh
(artwork by Carrion House)

Ambergris, or The Sea-Sacrifice, by Rhonda Eikamp
(artwork by Likhain)

Littoral Drift, by L.S. Johnson
(artwork by Gregory St. John)

Excerpt from UNLANGUAGE, by Michael Cisco
(artwork by Kat Weaver)

Cover art will be drawn by Tomasz Wieja.






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