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Issue 8 Table of Contents

The-Key-St.JohnHere’s the full Table of Contents for Issue 8, our “Dreamings” collection that drops November 17. These dreams are products of the imagination, the subconscious, and even of narcotics, and they can bring relief, ecstasy, or portents while cutting through the illogic of waking life. Whether they take place on frozen planets, in subterranean hives, in sensually charged water, or in our own apartments, they mean something and they do something–just like story.


The Spider Tapestries, by Mike Allen
(artwork by Luna Lynch)

Gallery, by Mathew Scaletta
(artwork by P. Emerson Williams)

Song of the Krakenmaid, by JY Yang
(artwork by Likhain)

I Am Winter, by Robin Wyatt Dunn
(artwork by Richard Wagner)

Pillow-Talk of the Late Oneirocalypse, by Vajra Chandrasekera
(artwork by Carrion House)

Cover art will be drawn by Gregory St. John.



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