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Our 2015 Stories

ogres-daughter-1Happy New Year to our readers, subscribers, donors, patrons, and to our writers and artists most of all. You’ve each made another 12 months of Lackington’s Magazine possible, and the stories and art we published in 2015 will, we hope, honour that support. Below is a handy reference for everything Lackington’s published this last calendar year; we enjoy that bird’s-eye glimpse at what’s passed through these pages recently. 2015 featured several new-to-us authors and returning authors alike. It was a year in which we were delighted to see submissions by authors we’ve long admired, and a year in which we launched an issue by hook and by crook from the road, far from home. It was also a year in which we lost a friend and contributor far too suddenly: Barry King, who provided us with a rollicking folktale end-piece for Issue 5, and whose championing of SFF writers in Kingston, Toronto, and Ottawa was as legendary as his good nature. He will be missed. It’s consoling to begin a new year, after everything. We’re looking forward to presenting Issue 9 this February and starting off 2016 with five fresh new speculative tales. 

Issue 5 (Winter 2015), “Beldams”

Unravelling, by Julia August
After the Rain, by Polenth Blake
The Lion and the Unicorn, by A.C. Wise
Tiger Baby, by JY Yang
What the Highway Prefers, by Cassandra Khaw
The Ogre’s Brown-Eyed Daughter, by Barry King

Issue 6 (Spring 2015), “Seas”

The Whale of Penlan Tork, by Steven Earnshaw
Spider Moves the World, by Dominik Parisien
The Selkie, by David K. Yeh
Ambergris, or The Sea-Sacrifice, by Rhonda Eikamp
Littoral Drift, by L.S. Johnson
Excerpt from UNLANGUAGE, by Michael Cisco

Issue 7 (Summer 2015), “Skins”

The Skinner of the Sky, by M. Bennardo
Kin, Painted, by Penny Stirling
Facing the Wind, by Mat Joiner
The Glad Hosts, by Rebecca Campbell
She Shines Like a Moon, by Pear Nuallak
Sometimes Heron, by Mari Ness
Sang Rimau and the Medicine Woman, by Nin Harris

Issue 8 (Fall 2015), “Dreamings”

The Spider Tapestries, by Mike Allen
Gallery, by Mathew Scaletta
Song of the Krakenmaid, by JY Yang
I Am Winter, by Robin Wyatt Dunn
Pillow-Talk of the Late Oneirocalypse, by Vajra Chandrasekera





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