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Issue 10 Table of Contents

sigasig01Behold the Table of Contents for Issue 10, our much-anticipated “Governments” issue, which goes on sale May 12. This collection of stories was born of frustration and weighs heavy, featuring seven speculative tales with a great deal to say about the state of this world and others. The old “body politic” trope must still wear flesh even today, because bodies are very present in the physical sense here. Discover a quasi-classical Greece and a quasi-Kafkascape part familiar and part weird; fiefdoms and kingdoms that gleam and devour; totalitarian states and village councils and UN conventions in a not-so-distant future, just as Earth verges on first contact.


Wax Names, by Evelyn Deshane
(artwork by Pear Nuallak)

The Problem with Thunderstorms, by Dennis Mombauer
(artwork by Richard Wagner)

A Million Future Days, by Charles Payseur
(artwork by Stacy Nguyen)

Tiny Guns, by Steven Earnshaw
(artwork by Cesar Valtierra)

On the Occasion of the Treaty of the Thousand Rivers,
A Visit to the Gallery, by Wren Wallis
(artwork by Luna Lynch)

The Transfigured Knight, by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
(artwork by Kat Weaver)

The Automatic Prime Ministers, by Kate Heartfield
(artwork by Carrion House)

Cover art will be drawn by Likhain.









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