speculative prose

Issue 11 Table of Contents

cover detailThis is our “Possessions” issue, which plays with more than one meaning of the term. Read stories about ownerships—of lands, of powers, of beliefs, of beauty, of things—and their elaborations of control and greed. Read stories about invasions, too, when our own self becomes inhabited by another. From heroic fantasy to hostile fashion, from nunneries to body-snatchers, this collection holds stories set in Quebec, in Japan, and in unknown worlds of swordplay, alien embryos, slave mines, and cunning cliques dressed to the frosty nines. On sale July 19.


How I Came to Be Raised by Balniwan the Fool, by Adrian Simmons
(artwork by Gregory St. John)

Ought from Is, by Brittany Pladek
(artwork by Pear Nuallak)

The First of Frost, by H.L. Fullerton
(artwork by Likhain)

The Sapphire Fiend, by Devan Barlow
(artwork by Cesar Valtierra)

Invasion, by Erik Amundsen
(artwork by Soren James)

Ever Changing, Ever Turning, by Yukimi Ogawa
(artwork by Kat Weaver)

Cover art will be drawn by P. Emerson Williams.




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