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Issue 19 Table of Contents

Cover detailEvery story is a journey, arguably, but we’ve gone and put together an entire issue devoted to “Voyages.” This collection features stories about trips to the moon (not onboard ships but on the backs of cows or beneath the bellies of dragons); trips through outer space that take one out of body; trips across seas and cultures, leaving it all behind; trips that should be mundane but forge two lonely spirits; and trips that are guided by god and custom and handbook, and make travel a celebration and act of resistance.



With God as Our Witness 
AJ Fitzwater
(Artwork by Sharon J. Gochenour)

A Cream-Broker’s Courtship   
Nin Harris
(Artwork by Diana M. Chien)

Something to Light the Sunless Winter
Sara Beitia
(Artwork by P. Emerson Williams)

That Damned Cat
Barbara Turney Wieland
(Artwork by Carol Wellart)

Sestina for Medea
Alexandra Munck
(Artwork by Pear Nuallak)

Enchiridion of the Soltite  
Restored by Xue Xihe
(Artwork by Kat Weaver)

Cover art will be drawn by Carrion House.



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