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Issue 20 Table of Contents

cover detailBirds are perhaps the creatures we see most often in our day, whether we live in the country or city. Here’s an issue, then, devoted entirely to them. Some of the birds in these pages are our friends, some take their righteous revenge on humankind, and some are human-bird chimeras with their own exquisite complications. Can you count how many feathered varieties these pages contain? It’s not an easy challenge!

Issue 20 is an extra-fat double anniversary issue.



The Water-Bearer and the Hawk-King, by H. Pueyo
(Artwork by Diana M. Chien)

A Map to a Future Unlike Any Past, by Karolina Fedyk
(Artwork by Grace P. Fong)

Heavy Reprises of a Dark Berceuse, by Priya Sridhar
(Artwork by P. Emerson Williams)

Report on the Wren Queen’s Dementia, by Rhonda Eikamp
(Artwork by Michelle MB)

The House of the Camphor, by Mina Ikemoto Ghosh
(Artwork by Paula Arwen Owen)

The Capacity to Serve, by Simon Christiansen
(Artwork by Richard Wagner)

The Litany of Feathers, by Sharon J. Gochenour
(Artwork by Patricia Bingham)

Wite Cro, by Natasha C. Calder
(Artwork by Pear Nuallak)

Shaman, by Damien Mckeating
(Artwork by Gregory St. John)

Kairo’s Flock, by Avra Margariti
(Artwork by Carrion House)

City of Wings and Song, by Sara Norja
(Artwork by Carol Wellart)

Cover art drawn by Kat Weaver.



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