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Issue 21 Table of Contents

Cover detail cocktails

Full disclosure: we love our mixed drinks in these parts. So much so that, when friends of the magazine suggested we do a “Cocktails”-themed issue, we couldn’t say no. But we always strive to represent the broadest possible definition for our themes, so this issue contains more than otherworldly admixtures of alcohol and syrups on distant planets or gen-ships. Alchemy comes in many forms and has almost limitless functions (some of them quite unpleasant). Look for this issue on June 18.



A Selection of Drinks from the Courts of the Five Silver Moons and the Seven Red Stars, by Mari Ness

A Galactic History of the Asmodean Fire Hoof, by Alexandra Seidel

Barley Wine and Potable Myths, by Marie Vibbert

When the Hawkweed Blooms, by Randall Hayes

Tempus Vernum, by Michelle Jäger

Old Fashioned, by Steve Toase

Whiskey and Bones, by A.Z. Louise

* All artwork for this issue will be drawn by P. Emerson Williams.



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