speculative prose

Issue 22 Table of Contents

Though professional archivists may scold us for saying, we like to think that archives can be more than sacred hoards in various states of array. Fate finds creative ways to preserve our memories, and the relics of vanished cultures, and the shades of people themselves. This issue features archives literal and not, cozy and disturbing, fossilized and very much alive.



“Lost and Found: Recollections of Space and Time” at the Museum of Thousandfold Worlds, curated by Xue Xihe

Collections, by E.L. Chen

The Feather Stitch, by Mike Allen

Tatreez, by Sonia Sulaiman

What the Marsh Remembers, by B. Pladek

Sokal, by Joseph Tomaras

Learning Tihluhan in the Fourteenth Century, by A.J. Hammer

*All artwork for this issue will be drawn by Kat Weaver.



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