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A Brief Farewell

After our 25th issue comes out in spring 2022 (in our nearly 10th year), Lackington’s Magazine will be going on hiatus. This means that our coming submission period for “Prehistories” will be our last—but hopefully our busiest and most joyous yet. I’m looking forward to seeing how the theme is answered when we open to subs on February 14th.

I’ll miss working with the creatively curious folk who wrote and drew for this project. I’ll miss collaborating with Matt Bennardo, who’s been a reliable and discerning First Reader. I’ll miss the kind reviews. And man, will I ever miss sending out acceptance letters. No one need miss Lackington’s content, though; the website will stay up so every story and illustration remains accessible to its creator—and to readers. You’ll still be able to purchase your preferred ebook format, too.

Enormous thanks to those creators and readers, and to the patrons, subscribers, and reviewers who helped keep Lackington’s humming along. This mag was propped up by countless hands, and it’s overwhelming to think of how many people turned to it, even for a few moments. Thanks for indulging this passion project for so long.

Ranylt Richildis
Founder and Editor



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