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Issue 4 Table of Contents

lackington issue 4 coverHere’s the full table of contents for Issue 4, due out in October. We asked for stories about “institutions” and our contributors answered the charge beautifully. They sent us tales that explore institutions such as communal spaceships, as well as other less tangible ones: marriage, war, property, motherhood, friendship, storytelling, religion, and art. We’re excited to break this one out — it feels like our most ambitious issue yet.

Stalemate, by Rose Lemberg
(artwork by Tomasz Wieja)

More Embers than Feathers Filled the Firmament, by Penny Stirling
(artwork by Kat Weaver)

The Harbour Bears, by Trevor Shikaze
(artwork by Joel G.)

Fertility Tree, by Recle Etino Vibal
(artwork by Carrion House)

Bonsaiships of Venus, by Kate Heartfield
(artwork by Vivian Gu)

Cover art will be drawn by Galen Dara.



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