speculative prose

Slight Shift

Issue 4 CoverIssue 4 is out in the world! And very happy we are with it, too. Our subscribers will have already spotted a copy in their inbox via Weightless Books (or will receive it shortly), and copies are available to everyone else for sale on our Store page (ePub, mobi, or PDF — the latter being the best way to enjoy the artwork). As for the free-to-read web pages you’re used to seeing appear on launch day: rest assured, they’re coming. Our Issue 4 stories will pop up November 10, same as always — the web format is just a bit delayed so we can reward our supporters. We can’t keep going without them, after all; one-year subscriptions and one-off ebook sales are spun directly into contributor payments so Lackington’s can continue to buy words and art, and craft our selections into the most appealing possible bundles. Here’s to glad eyes and satisfying libraries. We hope you’re as pleased with this issue as we are.

Ranylt Richildis



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