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Issue 9 Table of Contents

Issue 9 CoverHere’s the full Table of Contents for Issue 9, our “Architectures” collection on sale February 10. These fabrics aren’t necessarily functions of grand cityscapes, and several of them are figurative. Saints and religions can be constructed alongside the raising of a starship; marine life can grow their own homes as well as reconstruct their sexes; ghastly erections can sprout up in the midst of toxic marriages and traditions; sand can sweep away from ancient stone long enough to hold a conversation; and builders of all kinds can be found on the surface of Mars—still subject to the restrictions of permits and committees even there.



‘Contra Gravitatem (Vita Genevievis)’, by Arkady Martine
(artwork by Kat Weaver)

Salt and Cement and Other Denials, by Sara Saab
(artwork by Paula Arwen Owen)

Sui Generis, by Y.X. Acs
(artwork by Gregory St. John)

Manapolis, by Natalia Theodoridou
(artwork by Derek Newman-Stille)

Under Dead Marsh, by Julia August
(artwork by Random Dreaming)

Cover art will be drawn by Carrion House.



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