speculative prose

Issue 14 Table of Contents

BlackwomancoverThis is a collection for those who hear melodies in all things, even in the buzzing of a swarm of flies. It’s a collection for synaesthetes, musicians, and music-lovers of all kinds. The stories in our “Musics” issue feature singing moths, elusive thrushes, and a great deal of speculative sound created by beings or instruments that may or may not be of this world. Music can be treacherous—it can steal away our loved ones or be put to sinister use by oppressive governments. It is tonic, weapon, and reminder of loss.



Moths to the Flame, by Daniel Rosen
(artwork by P. Emerson Williams)

To Sing the Sky from Disarray, by Devan Barlow
(artwork by Toeken)

Camouflage, by JB Park
(artwork by Pear Nuallak)

When Dooryards First in the Lilac Bloomed, by B. Morris Allen
(artwork by Carrion House)

At the Still Point, by Suzanne J. Willis
(artwork by Diana M. Chien)

Glasswort, Ice, by Emily B. Cataneo
(artwork by Kat Weaver)

Cover art will be drawn by Stacy Nguyen.



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