speculative prose

Issue 16 Table of Contents

detailAt 98 pages, our “Trades” issue is our largest yet. This collection is devoted to the glories and pitfalls of labour, to the celebration of expertise, and to the worker, full stop. Through a speculative lens, six writers explore what preoccupies us throughout our days, and what eludes us when systems are designed to cast us out (or devalue the product of our sweat). They’ve also played with more than one meaning of the word trade and represented some harrowing forms of exchange.



Lamplighter’s Eve, by Kate Dollarhyde
(artwork by P. Emerson Williams)

Original Order, by Natalie Ritter
(artwork by Carrion House)

A Summary of Menistarian Law, Composed for the Citizens of Olakia,
in Response to Our Present Crisis by Dr. Clemons Indement,
as received and translated by Joseph Tomaras
(artwork by Dotti Price)

The Maiden’s Path, by D.K. Latta
(artwork by Michelle MB)

Yuckl Ogle, by N. Muma Alain
(artwork by Belinda Morris)

The Master of Hourglasses, by Alexandra Seidel
(artwork by Carol Wellart)

Cover art will be drawn by Paula Arwen Owen.



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