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Issue 18 Table of Contents

Cover detailEnchantment is nigh! We’ve finally put together a “Magics” issue that nods to more than mere sorcery. Not surprisingly, witchcraft creeps into several Issue 18 tales, and we’ve also included a story about myth and religion—the oldest magic of all, some might say. From a Dionysian planet to Classical Rome to theocratic US-Canada to parts known only in our imaginations, come find the gods and the birds and the rebels and the woven spells, forming spheres of love and violence.



When the Vine Came 
S.R. Mandel
(Artwork by Derek Newman-Stille)

Prima Fuit, Finis Erit    
Julia August
(Artwork by Pear Nuallak)

The Wytch-Byrd of the Nabryd-Keind
Farah Rose Smith
(Artwork by Kat Weaver)

Collar for Captain Cormorant
Rekha Valliappan
(Artwork by P. Emerson Williams)

Song of the Oliphant
KT Bryski
(Artwork by Grace P. Fong)

Love Letters from Velveteen  
M. Raoulee
(Artwork by Sharon J. Gochenour)

Cover art will be drawn by Carol Wellart.



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